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The Grow Track is Liberty’s Discipleship and Leadership track.
These classes are d
esigned to raise people up to their God-given potential and empower them to become spiritual leaders in their families, on their jobs, and in the church.​​


This training track is offered two times annually ( March and September) beginning with a Grow 1 class and an Encounter weekend:
It is best to begin with Grow 1, however, the classes are not sequential.  So as an option, to connect you quicker, you can enroll in a Grow Class 1, 2 or 3 when the class begins.  Call the church office for registration information 256-931-4673.

Upcoming Events​

Registration - TBD

To register for this event, in-person, stop by the information center at the end of the services at our Arab/Holly Pond campuses or call our church office at 256-931-4673.

Classes will be held weekly on Sunday at 9:30 am in Holly Pond and 11:00 am in Arab.

If you are ready to Grow to the next level in your Christian walk please register today.

Grow 1 - Journey to Freedom

Journey to the Cross

Lesson 1 - Salvation
Lesson 2 - Baptism
Lesson 3 - Deliverance


At the Cross
Encounter Weekend (Friday & Saturday)
Lesson 4 - Sunday: What Happened at the Encounter: God’s Mirror: Our Spirit, Soul and Body


Stay Free
Lesson 5 - Stay in the Word
Lesson 6 - Stay in Prayer and Worship
Lesson 7 - Stay Connected and Submitted
Lesson 8 - Stay Filled with the Holy Spirit
Lesson 9 - Stay Humble
Lesson 10 - Stay Free - Moving Forward

Grow 2 - Foundations

Identity in Christ
Lesson 1 - I am a Child of God
Lesson 2 - I am a Watchman
Lesson 3 - I am a Part of Something Bigger
Lesson 4 - Putting God First


A Christian Family
Lesson 5 - Learning Communication: Be a Peacemaker
Lesson 6 - Achieving True Intimacy
Lesson 7 - Understanding God’s Design for the Family
Lesson 8 - Roles for the Family
Lesson 9 - Children are a Blessing / Parenting
Lesson 10 - Family Bonding and Ministering as a Family

Grow 3 - God's Heartbeat

Discovering God’s Heartbeat for

Lesson 1 - “Holiness” Walking as Jesus walked
Lesson 2 - “Worship” Worshiping as God Likes
Lesson 3 - “Spiritual Authority” Waring as God designed
Lesson 4 - “The Spoken Word” Wielding the sword as Jesus modeled
Lesson 5 - “Being His Witnesses” Witnessing as God mandated
Lesson 6 - “The Nations” Waking up to God’s bigger picture
Lesson 7 - “The Holy Spirit’s Role” Wading in for a power
Lesson 8 - “Communicating the Gospel” Watering the seed of the Gospel
Lesson 9 - “The Harvest” Walking it out as God planned
Lesson 10 - “Eternity” Winning today for tomorrow and beyond​

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