The Grow Track is Liberty’s Discipleship and Leadership

Designed to raise people up to their God-given potential and empower them to become spiritual leaders in their families, on their jobs, and in the church.​​


This training track is offered three times annually: February, June, and September.

Grow 1 - Journey to Freedom

Journey to the Cross

Lesson 1 - Salvation
Lesson 2 - Baptism
Lesson 3 - Deliverance


At the Cross
Encounter Weekend (Friday & Saturday)
Lesson 4 - Sunday: What Happened at the Encounter: God’s Mirror: Our Spirit, Soul & Body


Stay Free
Lesson 5 - Stay in the Word
Lesson 6 - Stay in Prayer and Worship
Lesson 7 - Stay Connected and Submitted
Lesson 8 - Stay Filled with the Holy Spirit
Lesson 9 - Stay Humble
Lesson 10 - Stay Free - Moving Forward

Upcoming Events​

Registration - January 24 - February 14


Encounter Weekend - March 5-7, 2021

Registration is open and this year we are breaking ground on something brand new. We are offering our Grow Track and Encounter weekend in person and online.

Our in-person classes will be at 9:30am in Holly Pond and 11am in Arab. The online grow track is going to be Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm. 

If you are ready to grow to the next level in your Christian walk please register today. To register for in person classes stop by the information center at the end of the services at our Arab/Holly Pond campuses or call our church office at 256-931-4673. To register for the online Encounter and classes, please click here.

Grow 2 - Foundations

Identity in Chris
Lesson 1 - I am a Child of God
Lesson 2 - I am a Watchman
Lesson 3 - I am a Part of Something Bigger
Lesson 4 - Putting God First


A Christian Family
Lesson 5 - Learning Communication: Be a Peacemaker
Lesson 6 - Achieving True Intimacy
Lesson 7 - Understanding God’s Design for the Family
Lesson 8 - Roles for the Family
Lesson 9 - Children are a Blessing / Parenting
Lesson 10 - Family Bonding and Ministering as a Family

Grow 3 - God's Heartbeat

Discovering God’s Heartbeat for

Lesson 1 - “Holiness” Walking as Jesus walked
Lesson 2 - “Worship” Worshiping as God Likes
Lesson 3 - “Spiritual Authority” Waring as God designed
Lesson 4 - “The Spoken Word” Wielding the sword as Jesus modeled
Lesson 5 - “Being His Witnesses” Witnessing as God mandated
Lesson 6 - “The Nations” Waking up to God’s bigger picture
Lesson 7 - “The Holy Spirit’s Role” Wading in for a power
Lesson 8 - “Communicating the Gospel” Watering the seed of the Gospel
Lesson 9 - “The Harvest” Walking it out as God planned
Lesson 10 - “Eternity” Winning today for tomorrow and beyond​