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Forever Outreach

Just like the title of our ministry, Forever Outreach Ministries, we know that there will always be a need to reach out to those seeking help.


We want to be able to help people with immediate needs and by reaching out with free shoes, coats and Christmas presents to families, we are able to make that first step. When these precious people come to Liberty to get their outreach gifts, we also offer them something even better...HOPE!


We are able to sit down with each child and each adult and share God's word with them and pray for their specific needs. We have seen the change in their attitude and their outlook when they find out that someone would take the time to talk with them, listen to them, and pray with them.


You can see the look of hopelessness change into the look of hope on their faces. Isn't that what Jesus Christ offers each one of us, HOPE.


We have had many salvations through the years with the children and the adults and there is no greater joy than seeing God working in their lives! So, we want to help with immediate needs for the people, but we also want to help them empower themselves to move out of their desperate circumstances and into a stable environment.


We give them the direction, wisdom, and hope of God's word and let them know they can walk in victory through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They not only get the free gift of shoes, coats, or Christmas presents, but they get to hear about the greatest free gift of all, God's one and only Son. We not only want to see people helped with their immediate needs, but we want to see them rise above their circumstances, come to know the Lord, grow in the Lord, and then be able to reach out to someone else in need.


In short, that's what outreach ministry is about, reaching out to those in need and offer them something the world can't offer them, HOPE. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!


"The Lord shall reign forever!" Psalm 146:10

Upcoming Events​

December - Christ Coats for Kids

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