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However God calls you to faithfully give,
we make it simple.

"For God loves a person who gives cheerfully."

There are two ways that you can give...


We make it super easy to give via online! 


We make it super easy to give via text! 


"A few years ago I started understanding the importance of tithing and as I grow closer to the Lord, he makes himself known in my life more than I could ever imagine. I have been blessed now to be able to give more, adopt 2 children, go on mission trips, have a savings account and so much more. He has blessed my finances and so much more than I could ever imagine on my own. I now look at it as I want to tithe, instead of I have to tithe because I know God will always take care of me financially when I am obedient to him."

Nicholas Belpasso

"A little over a year ago God was really dealing with my heart to tithe. He was pressing into my heart and telling me to trust him. He also said to tithe with a joyful and giving heart. When I laid down my doubts and obeyed what God asked me to do, that is when I realized what he meant by me trusting him. He has poured his blessing up on me like never before. He not only blessed me in my finances but in every aspect of my life. During this time my faith not only has grown stronger but so has my relationship with the Lord. It's amazing what God does when we trust him!"

Danielle Bell